Stones River Chapter

The Stones River chapter of the National federation of the Blind of Tennessee is made up of business professionals, parents, seniors and college students.  With a majority of the members being blind, The Stones River Chapter of the NATIONAL FEDERATION OF THE BLIND of Tennessee IS NOT AN ORGANIZATION SPEAKING FOR THE BLIND; IT IS THE BLIND SPEAKING FOR THEMSELVES

We meet monthly to organize and build Services that can and do assist communities in Rutherford County.  These services include, but are not limited to:

  • educating the public about blindness
  • Assisting parents of blind children with the resources needed to give their child the tools to succeed
  • Collaborate with community leaders to better assist them when developing plans for expansion or growth
  • Train and give voice to the newly blind
  • Identify legislation that can help or harm the blind
  • Ensure the blind have accessibility in transportation, public buildings and entertainment
  • Participate in events that will allow the community to interact with the blind

The Stones River Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of Tennessee, believes that blind people are essentially normal and that blindness in itself is not a mental or psychological handicap.  We invite you to join with us in abolishing Legal, economic, and social discrimination based upon the false assumption that the blind are somehow different from the sighted.  Equal opportunity must be made available to blind people.  Because of their personal experience with blindness, the blind themselves are best qualified to lead the way in solving their own problems, but the general public is invited to participate in finding solutions.  Upon these fundamentals, the Stones River Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind predicates its philosophy.

Blindness knows no discrimination. Any child can be born blind. Any individual can become blind in childhood or in later life. It is in the best interest of every individual to understand blindness and how to cope with its problems.

President: Quinn Howard
Phone: 615-372-9137
Meeting Time: The third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM.
Location: The MTSU Student Union Room 210 in Murfreesboro.