Hello everyone! My name is Tyler Butler and I have been assisting the Tennessee affiliate with the website over the course of this year. It has been a long time in the planning and development, but I am happy to finally announce the new site for the Tennessee affiliate is live!

There are quite a few changes so I will try and focus on the big ones. But before I begin I would like to give a big thanks to Josh Harper for laying the groundwork for the website and the technology backbone for our online communications. We wish you all the best Josh. Thanks for your dedication and support!

Now for some of the new features and changes.

Improved Accessibility

Accessibility was not a huge issue with the old site, but there were some areas that I felt it could be improved. The overall layout and the flow in which screen readers would read the content felt off, especially with JAWS and Orca. My hope that the overall feel is more intuitive.

Low vision users will notice a much higher contrast, which will hopefully result in easier reading. The font size has also been increased and the font style is clearer.

Dynamic Content

Visitors to the site can expect a more content rich experience due to the addition of a blog for the state affiliate and individual chapters to use for announcements and news.

In addition, over the course of the coming weeks the Tennessee Voice (our state NFB newspaper) will also be integrated. And direct feeds from the National NFB affiliate.

Upcoming Events

We now have a area on the homepage dedicated to all the special events happening on the chapter and state level. These event postings also have Twitter integration for easy sharing with others via the user’s Twitter account.

This concludes most of the major changes to the front-end of the website. There is much more planned and in the pipe. Please contact me at webmaster@nfb-tn.org. Feedback and suggestions are welcome. Let us make this one of the best affiliate websites in the nation!